11 July, 2016

The Return To Blogging

Six-plus years ago I was regularly blogging.  I lived in Israel and I maintained several blog sites - dedicated to helping olim (immigrants to Israel) learn more about communities along the north coast.  I occasionally posted personal bits on the 28N82W blog (this one), but that was not my focus. My focus was providing information to meet the needs of the north coast olim.  I had guest posters, who lived in the various north coast communities, so I wasn't going it alone.  If I get back into blogging I will, of course, have a different focus, but what will that be?

My friends and family are staunch conservatives, except for the ones who are flaming liberals, so if I don't want to offend; politics is out.  And speaking of taboo topics, religion is right up there with politics, so scratch the idea of a Jewish Life blog.  I love cats, and judging by all the internet sites extolling feline virtues and showing really cute kitty cat pics, so does most of the world.  Great -  a topic that won't offend anyone!  On the other hand, this field seems drastically overcrowded, so again I have identified a no-go topic.  I have a friend who has a blog dedicated to giving a run-down of what he does each day, including photos taken both at home, and while he is out and about. I could do the same, but I don't think that is quite my style.

I need a theme, a purpose, a goal.  And I don't want to write everyday.   I think I have it figured out. My friend's blog shares how he spent his time each day.  I spend most of my time researching topics of interest to me. In doing so, I learn lots of new things.  So, instead of recounting what I do, as my friend does, I could share what I learn - the most interesting things I learn each week.  Maybe you will read, and maybe you won't, but either way I will have a goal of really thinking about what I learned and identifying those things I think may interest or benefit others.  And maybe, I will throw in a personal update as well.

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