08 August, 2009

Karmiel, the Beautiful; 9 August 2009

Julia is still in the hospital. It is one week longer than the original amount of time they had estimated, and we still do not know when she will be released. Anyway, as soon as she comes home, I am taking a trip to Karmiel. Now that I have given up (at least temporarily) on living in a coastal town, I have been looking at a few other possibilities. Karmiel is beautiful. Of course I have only visited virtually, by use of Google Earth, Egged Bus Routes, Panoramia, and Yad2.

During my daily virtual visits, I have seen what it looks like, plotted distances for walking, and learned the bus routes and major stops. I have marked many of the locations important to me and I am finding rentals and homes for sale at reasonable prices within walking distance of the Masorti (conservative) synagogue. If I move to Karmiel, I will actually be able to attend services. Something I have not been able to do in Haifa.

As you can see, I have attached several Karmiel photos (from Panoramia via Google Earth) with this post. When I figure out how to do it, I will put an entire Karmiel album on facebook. I trust that when you see the photos, you will have to agree that Karmiel is beautiful. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of it - even if you do not agree that it is beautiful.

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  1. I have read your blog, red tape is the same the world over. Being a US citizen you didn't run into it in the US but as a resident alien let me assure you that Uncle Sam has the same amout of paperwork and hoops to jump through. The city that you are in looks beautiful,I'm sure that you won't miss Oregon winters. As to the uphill both ways syndrome. I understand it. When we visited Jacky at her boarding school in Switzerland I felt that I never walked downhill, just up. I never understood the geometry of that but legs were certain. It is, never the less, very good for the figure and the repiratory system